‘Wildcat Lair’ works non-stop, searching the internet for the latest, most up to the minute information about University of Kentucky Wildcat sports.  We then provide links to those articles.  We’re kind of a shopping mart for UK information!  A daily visit tot his site will bring you up to date news, video and information about…

  • University of Kentucky Basketball
  • University of Kentucky Football
  • University of Kentucky Hoops
  • Basketball recruiting
  • Former Wildcats in the pros, both the NFL and NBA
  • Coming soon, other sports such as tennis, baseball, volleyball and more.

You’ll find articles and opinions from writers and commentators you might be aware of, but more often than not, different opinions from all over the US and abroad.

Plus, twitter feeds divided up by various UK departments or resources.  Follow UK media, football team, basketball team, or coaches.  Plus individual listings of UK staff, media and coaches for your personal twitter accounts.

Wildcat Lair will make it easy to keep track of all phases of Kentucky athletics.

As always, we welcome your opinions and suggestions.

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